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NBA 2K20 Game Details

Past NBA 2K Cover Athletes:

  • NBA 2K20 Pre-Order, Bonuses, and Editions: (TBA)
  • NBA 2K20 Price / Buy NBA 2K20: (TBA), Likely $59.99 for Standard Edition, $99.99 for Legend Edition.
    • NBA 2K20 Gamestop Pre-Order: (TBA) Xbox One / PS4 / PC / Switch
    • NBA 2K20 Amazon Pre-Order: (TBA) Xbox One / PS4 / PC / Switch
    • NBA 2K20 Best Buy Pre-Order: (TBA) Xbox One / PS4 / PC / Switch
    • NBA 2K20 Walmart Pre-Order: (TBA) Xbox One / PS4 / PC / Switch
    • NBA 2K20 Target Pre-Order: (TBA) Xbox One / PS4 / PC / Switch
  • NBA 2K20 Platforms / Consoles: (TBA), Expected to be on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, PC / Steam, & mobile: Android & iOS.

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NBA 2K20 Wishlist


  • What features, improvements, and fixes do you want to see in NBA 2K20? Post it in the comments or add it to the NBA 2K20 Wishlist!
  • What are your NBA 2K20 cover athlete predictions & who do you want to be cover athlete?


  1. a few things that should be added in nba2k20 should be start my career from high school and then go to college and from college go straight to the nba

  2. A few things that I believe should be added/changed to upcoming 2k games are:
    1) I’ve always enjoyed MyCareer, but over the years I haven’t been the biggest fan of the story behind the main character. I think their needs to be a lot more options in which the path your player takes. I miss playing through high school, and summer league. Let’s say I do great in high school and college and then make it to summer league, and based on my performance where should I go? Top pick? G-league? Over seas? Practice squad? Also, if I happen to make a player from a different country/ethnicity, I’d like to see a variety of accents. Also the story needs to be expanded beyond just getting into the league and having few to no cut scenes. Say actual name more instead of a given nickname, which in my opinion, is typically terrible.
    2) Increase maximum MyCareer player height. Don’t restrict to the current tallest player. I don’t know if this concept still stands, but make it to where the taller the player, the less xp is earned. Possible other factors that could effect that. Your player’s ability is to hostaged to his height, weight, body style, posistion, etc.
    3) The absence of playable players. Some are only available on MyTEAM.
    4) Maybe a little more creativity in game play. Double alley-oops? Bounce alley-oops? Off the back board (besides to yourself)? I know at the park you have more creative game play, but it would be cool to see on normal gameplay.
    5) Sometimes commentary is inaccurate or not properly interactive. If I poster someone and the commentators don’t stop what they’re saying and freak out, that’s unrealistic to me. Which happens sometimes, but not often. Repetitive dialogue too.
    6) Make the dunk contest controls simpler or more complex, the current timing method is obnoxious and doesn’t vary too much based on difficulty. I did enjoy the Guitar Hero style button sequence to perform a dunk.
    7) Why is there no skill challenge? I’d like to experience all of All-Star weekend. Bring back the celebrities. Charitable events (Maybe a charity you can choose for your player?)
    8) Circling back to MyCareer, make workouts and activities you do visible to the body. If my player is a gym rat, let’s see my muscles get bigger.

  3. In this NBA 2k20 us users should have more control over our players, make it real and make it fun, more voices, driving, actually doing the activities and seeing what they do forreal, make this 2k a new feel.

  4. There should be an option when pressing Y or Triangle in the park were to change a player you don’t have to quit out of the park a load back in there could just be a button “switch players” when clicking Y or Triangle in the park

  5. maybe have a third slot for builds, or bring back the all-around build, its boring only have two main skill sets ultimately meaning that you lack in some areas. in real life some of the players are legit all-around players and they should add that build to the game again. having a legit all-around build would make the game more interesting and legit

  6. some things should be so if you play a online game and its warriors vs thunder at thunder they should have the crowd boo everytime durant has the ball like in real life

  7. If you are going to make it possible to hack on PC then at least make it so that there is a way to report them. Please 2k and STEAM. Please. A report button.


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