NBA 2K18 Tips: How to Recover Missing / Deleted MyPLAYER File Save

After the launch of NBA 2K18, many players have reported missing / deleted MyPLAYER files. They try to play MyCAREER, and the original file has gone missing. Of course they want to get back their player, and understandably, many are pissed about it since a lot have spent real money on Virtual Currency as well as invested hours of their time building up their MyPLAYER and earning badges.

2K is fully aware of this issue, and is in the process of investigating it and have offered troubleshooting tips to resolve this issue and recover your player.  Here they are below:

  • Most of the time, files will appear missing due to all data not being fully synced. Please hover over the Play Now option and allow your game to sit on that menu. The message could take quite a long time to appear depending on where you are in the syncing process.
  • There is a possibility that your account has expired, so please head to and log in using your NBA 2K account (PSN ID/Xbox GamerTag/Steam ID). If your account is expired, logging in here will update and verify it.
  • Make sure you’re logged into the right account! Though it certainly sounds silly like “is your console plugged in?”, it does happen relatively frequently.

If the above steps do not work:

Create or update your ticket with our support team at 2K Support To help push things along, please send in the following information in your first response:

  • Did you participate in the NBA 2K18 Prelude?:
  • Gamertag:
  • Platform:
  • 2K associated Email address:
  • A description of what happened directly before the issue’s occurrence:
  • The position, archetype, and overall of the corrupted MyCAREER save(s):
  • Dates the save file(s) were created:
  • Dates those save files were last played (be as precise as possible):

Aside from the previous information, we’ll need you to create a placeholder file so we can recover your player. (One for every file you’re missing)

Please create the new file(s) with the exact following specifications:

  • Position: Same as your missing file(s).
  • Height: Smallest height possible.
  • Wingspan: Smallest wingspan possible.
  • Attributes: NO attributes upgraded at all.

* Be sure to mention you tried the steps, and that you have created your placeholder file, so we do not reply to your ticket and send you the same steps again!


Due to some players still waiting to get their MyPLAYER save back, it appears that 2K has issued refunds in the form of VC.


    • Dude I know how you feel. Thought there was no hope when I lost my one PG. I did make a new one the first time but it happened again and you have to just go to the menu, sit hovering over the play now and wait till the pre game thing comes on! Hope this works for you cause it worked for me!

  1. Hey everyone,

    So if you have a PS4 you’re in luck. PS4 automatically uploads your data to a cloud.

    I accidentally deleted my player myself.
    However was able to retrieve him with the following steps. (Again this works only for PS4, not sure about Xbox )

    Go to setting –> application saved data management –> carved data in online storage –> your files should be there

    Mine was there .

    Hopefully this helps. Reach out to me if it does

  2. I also put in a lot of work into my player as well as spent money on VC, and can’t get back on. This is very frustrating and I’d like to get this fixed. None of the steps that said would fix this problem helped.

  3. This is pissing me off
    I worked my ass off upgrading him and put many hours into this game, and now it’s gone. None of the steps have worked to get my guy back.
    Please give me some information that will work!

  4. I have already made replacement files for all three characters that I am missing the center the shooting guard in the point guard I didn’t make any specific archetypes because it wasn’t said in the request for me to make a specific archetype but I did make 3 replacement files that are sitting there right now so that’s part of my request and I know I have to say that so I’m saying it now to add it into my request to 2K support so I can please get my VC back because these characters were corrupted and delete it and it was something that I could not control thank you

  5. I preordered the game and I was playing and I got to a 77 overall and had some badges and I was getting a haircut and my game crashed. I went back on and it showed I had a 60 overall and I did the thing that 2k said on its site. It has been a week or two and I still haven’t got it back yet. I want it back

  6. Please confirm that the Shaq Legend Edition digital items are ONLY available on the 1st My Career player? And any subsequent mycareer files other than the 1st do NOT have access to any of the Shaq Legend Edition items? Is this right? My first file made on Prelude sucks and I created a new mycareer file but none of the Shaq items are there!

    • My ps4 turned off on me so i got back on
      2k18 cause i have the gold legend 2k18
      So i try going to mycareer and it said file currupted iam a 86 center two badges almost gold i don’t wanna start over fresh
      And i paid $151 i need my person back
      Sony not answering there phones game stop
      Said they cant nothing about it some one help me

    • Hey bro if you delete your my player with Shaq gear , then go in your settings and look through until you find restore licenses, restore the licenses and enter 2k18 and your new myplayer should have the Shaq gear .

  7. I put a ticket request in FIVE days ago and have heard nothing! Spent $150 on the Legends version and used 250,000 VC for a player rating of 85 and now the player and the VC are gone. None of the suggestions they have made for a fix have worked either. They need to provide a customer service number!

  8. Wtf wrf wtf I spent 150 was about to spend another 100 and I sick at this game I just wanted to look like the claw! lol fuck it didn’t even get my shaq gear Mann give me 500,000 Vic so I can still suck but look tight lol

  9. Yeah this has to be solved man. I’m fine with he player being gone as far as badges, tattoos, gear and haircuts because it’s only 2-3 progress but the money that we all spent on those players must be reembursed soon or it’s going to get ugly.

  10. Wow reading all your comments made me happy I put 125 up for this game bought the cheapest version made what I thought was the best character then loose him after a day like wtf I don’t even want to play this game anymore because I’m afraid of wasting time and money


  12. This is ridiculous, on September 19th 2k said i needed a update, im guessing to avoid all these glitches and what happens, the whole my story resets, i was like 15 games im the season played on 12 min quarters, wtf

  13. Spent $70 and was an 85 OVR. Also, did a haircut and tattoos. I want a refund or my player back. I bought this game on the 14th. I pre-ordered so I can play and they have yet to update me. We should get free VC for this.

  14. It’s fucked up how I’ve been waiting this long to play NBA2K18 & when I finally do it fucks me over like no other 2K has.
    I bought the silver Legend addition which came with 100K VC & bought a 75K & 35K VC card also to go along with it. That’s 210K worth of VC goneeeeee down the drain! I know some people won’t get they same players back but If I can’t at least get my VC back, I’m not buying 2K nomore. I’m fuckin hurt. Don’t even wanna play my shit no more.