Pick & Popper Badge

Excels as a pick & pop receiver.


To speed up Badge Grinding for Pick & Popper and get this badge fast:

  • Combine badge grinding efforts with Brick Wall, Catch & Shoot, and Deep-Range Deadeye
  • Upgrade Shooting attributes
  • Add attribute boosts to Shooting
  • Put gameplay settings on Rookie difficulty and 12 minute quarters
  • Note: You can earn badges during the playoffs
  • Note: Simulated games do not count towards earning badges
  • Note: Any Archetype can earn all Bronze level badges
  • Note: Once you earn the Bronze badge for a skill, you can use VC to upgrade to Silver and Gold badges for up to 5 badges unique to your chosen Archetype.  A HOF badge can only be earned and unlocked after its gold badge is unlocked.

Bronze Badge: Score as pick & pop man 200 times.

Hall of Fame Badge:  n/a

All Badge Requirements


Name: Pick & Popper

Description: Excels as a pick & pop receiver.

Effects:  Improves success rate of shots after a pick and pop

Controls: See Shooting Controls (XB1 / PS4).   All Controls

Skill(s): Shooting, Offense

Type: Skill BadgeOutside Scoring Badge

Archetypes with HOF Pick & Popper Badge: Stretch Big

If you have any additional tips to get this badge fast, please leave a comment below and share it with the NBA 2K community.

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